If you know how, balanced nutrition will see you heathy, happy and full of energy.

It is not by avoiding certain food groups that you get results, this promotes an unhealthy relationship with foods, and in our experience leads to binging. Healthy living means eating real, clean food to fit in with your lifestyle and goals if you’re training for an event or want to lose weight for an occasion. To get there you introduce it step-by-step. And – before you know it: You are what you eat.

People generally like learning about bad news more than they do good news. So it’s a popular ploy to demonise foods and for fad diets and detox plans to be marketed. But these fads and detoxes often leave you gaining more weight in the long run and can leave you totally devoid of energy, and pretty grumpy!

Creating a healthier diet is easy once you begin to focus on what you are eating and drinking each day. You’d be surprised how often we can’t recall everything we’ve consumed – often because we’ve snacked whilst working in the office, watching TV or are grabbing food on the go with our ever-busy lives.

You can afford to eat well, and this is a topic we have addressed in a previous blog, so please do give that a read if you think otherwise…

Organic foods are the best choice whenever possible. Although these may be more expensive than other options, you can still save money by making your own meals at home.

In the case of processed foods, we often only have to look at the mess of ingredients on the side of a package to send ourselves wondering what we might be consuming…Some of the chemicals that find their way into our food take a long time to find their way out of our bodies. And some never leave.

Rather than focussing so hard on what to avoid, and therefore forgetting to pay attention to whats GOOD for you…here’s a little exercise you can do to start creating a positive relationship with food groups, your diet and your lifestyle…

Do a FOOD LOG for a 3-5 days

Write down what you are eating each day – no need to lie or pretend because this is just for your records (unless you choose to do it with mates and want to share of course)!

Be sure to include all food and drinks so that you can get a clear picture of what foods you do tend to choose.

What do you want to ADD

Looking at your food log, let’s flip the script, and rather than beginning by beating ourselves up, let’s consider what is the one thing you want to add? More veg? Maybe you don’t drink enough water or consume enough greens? Ok – look to add it in? What can it substitute?

Remember, your goal is to start eating healthier foods, so avoid the temptation to pick those foods you want to eliminate. Deciding to add broccoli to your diet is only helpful if you’ll actually follow through and end up eating it though, so make sure you follow through.

Often it is the preparing things part that stops people trying to eat more healthily…but we have stacks of healthy recipes floating around our social media and this is this awesome source called GOOGLE (other search engines are available) where you can find out pretty much anything you want, and useful cooking videos!


The next week you decide to add something else in (remember this is baby steps because often too bigger changes results in people binging and that is not what we want)! Maybe week 1 it was broccoli, maybe week two you decide to drink more water, week 3 the muffin at 11am has become almonds and apple slices? Each time you will start to feel better, have more energy and over time, with exercise and the right nutrition see results…


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