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* DISCLAIMER: Our testimonials and results are provided by GENUINE individuals experiences with Hybrid Bootcamp – There are many factors that affect weight loss and fitness results and we can make no guarantee that individuals attending our boot camps will achieve the same results.

The week spent at Hybrid Boot Camp positively changed my life. Physically, they pushed me hard and fed me well and I lost an amazing 11lbs in a week. Mentally, they empowered me with the knowledge to navigate the world of nutrition and armed me with strategies & tools to stay motivated and enjoy my exercise whatever the weather. All of this delivered in the beautiful surroundings of the Northamptonshire countryside. The staff are highly professional and really enjoy their work which comes across in the enthusiasm and energy they bring to every activity, plus the food is delicious too. Highly recommended. I’m looking forward to my next one.

My week at Hybrid Bootcamp was life-changing. I lost 11lbs and 19cm of body fat, but what I gained was self-confidence and a new outlook on life. The trainers were brilliant at bringing out the best in me and I can’t thank them enough for the impact they’ve had on my life. The house and grounds were beautiful, the food was delicious and Lee’s nutrition talks were spot on. I will definitely be returning for another week!


Wowzers…what can I say?! I never thought I’d do a bootcamp…let alone enjoy one (but don’t tell the trainers that!). This is one of the most challenging and amazing things I’ve done in my life. The venue is lovely, the food is delicious and the trainers are the kindest and most encouraging I’ve ever met. Everyday I did something that I didn’t think I could and I left so much happier and healthier than I arrived. I don’t think I could recommend highly enough. Thank you Hybrid team 🙂


One of the most challenging but rewarding things I’ve done in a long time. Thanks to all of the team at hybrid bootcamp for keeping me on track!! In addition to the weight loss, the knowledge Ive gained about both exercise and nutrition will enable me to make long term changes to my lifestyle.

My name is Angela, I’m 47 and I’ve just completed a week at Hybrid Bootcamp. The hardest, the most challenging, the most exhausting but definitely the most rewarding week I have ever spent in my life!
I came to Bootcamp after a stressful period with the sole aim of kick starting my life and achieving who and what I wanted to be, it was if you like “my invitation for transformation” and I wanted to embrace it.

On arrival you can’t help but smile as you are greeted with the most gorgeous accommodation and grounds, which turns out to be the most perfect setting for relaxing in the evening after a long day of exercise, either curled up in the lounge, playing pool or enjoying the massaging jets of the hot tub (my personal favourite).

The next thing to make you smile is the food! Yep I said food! Beautifully prepared, tasty, nutritionally balanced and presented in a way that many good restaurants could learn a thing or two from. If you come away not wanting all of Steve’s recipes I will be very surprised!

So on to the important bit, the exercise! Every day is a new, escalated challenge. You never know what the trainers have up their sleeves, you will love some and you will definitely hate some! Lee Andrew (the boss!), Owen (Uh Owen, as he soon became known!) and Richie are the most inspiring trainers, they want you to succeed, they want you to challenge yourself. They work you hard and I mean HARD, you will be exhausted and you will swear!, but equally you will love them when the week is over and you see the results. I have just received my before and after pictures and I can’t stop staring at them, I can’t believe what I have achieved with the help of Lee, his team, and my fellow Bootcampers IN JUST ONE WEEK, a 9lb loss at Bootcamp and 3lbs in the last few days, so I say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone, I will be back and my transformation has definitely begun…

I have just returned from a week at the Hybrid Bootcamp and couldn’t wait to share my experience!

Firstly, the bootcamp itself is set in a great location surrounded by countryside perfect for afternoon hikes, it is spotlessly clean and you are made to feel at home from the minute you arrive and throughout the stay.

Moving onto food; although the food is obviously in small portions the taste more than makes up for it.. Everyday was something new and fresh and the fab chef Steve was always happy to share his recipes (during the stay we also had a nutrition talk from him which was really informative). As I mentioned the portions were smaller than I am used to (which is probably why I found myself here in the first place) but to be honest I never felt hungry the whole time I was at the bootcamp. As well as your three standard meals we were given snacks to give us just enough to keep us working hard and to our full potential.

The trainers were tough but fair and pushed you to your limits to help you achieve the best results. There were times when I really thought I couldn’t carry on but Lee, Owen and Richie pushed me and I actually found I had a lot more to give and I’m really glad I didn’t give up when I initially was going to. I thought that the guys were always trying to think of creative and fun ways to exercise and very session was slightly different.

Overall I lost 10lbs, 8cm just from my waist and 20cm altogether all over! I couldn’t be happier with my results and it’s all down to the team at Hybrid Bootcamp! Thank you!!

I came to Bootcamp thinking I wouldn’t last past the 2nd day… but I was wrong. I completed it with good results and I am so proud of myself!!! The trainers are excellent, tough but fair and they make sure you get the results at the end.

Everyone is so welcoming, the location is stunning and I was fantasising about the food that Steve cooked all week!

The Hybrid team really care and push you to your limits so you leave a stronger and fitter person.

I can’t thank Lee, Owen, Richie, Steve and Ve enough for my great week at bootcamp.

Back two weeks from a brilliant week at Hybrid Bootcamp. I lost over a stone and since back my eating, drinking and exercise habits have been permanently changed. Its like I’ve been rewired. I will get weighed next week and I am sure I will have dropped some more weight., though more importantly another trouser size!

Thanks to all the staff – Owen, Stevie, Rich, Steve and Ve, also Pepper Hound!

Great team on the week too, I wouldn’t have got through without your support – Hannah, Jo, Charlotte, Nicola, Diana, Karin. Keep up the good work team. When I’m in the gym and close to stopping, I think of us together giving it every last drop of effort – and I just keep going!

An incredible journey from start to finish, Hybrid bootcamp not only got me some great results but has made me feel more confident and inspired to carry on the fitness afterwards.

The trainers and staff were all truly inspirational and I learnt so much about nutrition and fitness, with advice and tips that I can utilise in my day to day life.

The trainers at bootcamp encouraged me to do things I never thought capable. But most importantly the best thing was the vibe and atmosphere, which even with all the hard work, made for a really fun weekend that is still putting a smile on my face now : )

I will definitely be back!

Thanks to all the team xx

I was recommended to Lee by my physio following a full rupture of my Achilles Tendon. I wanted to get myself back in shape following the injury, but also ensure that the time I spent in the gym and exercising brought the results that I wanted. Up to that point, I had been a regular exerciser and gym goer and considered myself pretty fit, but never seemed to be able to shift the weight or get into the shape that I wanted. Working with Lee has changed all that. I am now 2 stone lighter and fitter than I have ever been. Through a combination of an exercise programme tailored to my objectives and sound nutrition advice – he has really made a difference. The sessions we have are tough but always varied and progressive, you never know what’s coming next! You do have to be committed, but with Lee’s expertise and the results you see, its definitely worth it. I can’t recommend Lee highly enough – whatever your objectives and current levels of fitness, he will make sure you achieve them and get to the next level. I am looking forward to getting even fitter and beginning to focus on even more challenging goals with Lee. – Planning Manager | UK Retail and Business Banking National Performance Team

When I met Lee I already had a level of fitness but I wanted to take it up a notch and improve my strength. Since training with Lee I have passed the P Coy Challenge, lifting heavier weight and discovered a love of boxing!! Lee’s own training experience, level of fitness and unique energy inspires me to achieve, not just in my training but in life generally. Lee is genuinely interested and committed to making sure I achieve results and our sessions are always varied and great fun. I have my sights set on completing another endurance event and I can’t imagine doing that without Lee’s input. I don’t think you could want anymore from a Personal Trainer.

I approached Lee back in October last year after I had received a place in the London Marathon. To complicate matters I had recently fractured a bone in my foot. In the first instance Lee and I sat down and discussed the plan of action over the next 6 months, everything from nutrition to running mechanics. Once I was able to start training again the initial aim was to improve my base level of fitness through sessions in the gym and running, at the same time as rehabbing my foot. As the schedule progressed in the 6 week blocks and there was more of a focus of getting out and doing the mileage, Lee was always there for advice and support. Lee demanded nothing but the very best from me both in my attitude and the way I worked in our sessions and in turn would give me in equal measures the support and the occasional kick up the backside, when I needed it. It’s an attitude that I have taken forward in my training and often find myself thinking what would Lee think if he saw a rep like that. To anyone that is thinking of going to Lee for Personal Training, I cannot recommend him highly enough. He will work with you to achieve your goals whether it be running a marathon or building up your upper body. You will never experience a repeat session and they will always be challenging but immensely rewarding and always targeted at achieving your goals. Although I have now moved to London, I will always seek Lee’s advice first.

I called Lee in originally to see how far I could be pushed. I have a history of outgrowing my personal trainers and to be honest, the idea of an ex-Para pushing me to the sort of limits reserved for top flight military types appealed. However, this quickly evolved into a far more sophisticated project to be spread over 12 weeks, looking at what could be done with intensive personal training, backed up by strong group work and nutrition. As a bloke in my mid-thirties, I will gladly admit this was driven by vanity – but Lee has delivered on all fronts. I have seen fat loss, an increase in lean muscle, I have undergone a radical shift in my attitude towards food and training and even discovered one or two new aspects to a fitness regime that I did not know existed. As that initial 12 week phase is now in its final stage I am already developing the next project with Lee and I see myself retaining his services for quite some time. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lee to anyone looking to see what they are truly capable of. – Director, Firstname Communications

I first came in contact with Lee through my brother’s girlfriend whom he was training at the time. I’d heard all about his military background and with my proposed career it was a massive interest. My aim is to become a Royal Marine, but in order to do so I needed to pass the Potential Royal Marines Course. My first session with Lee was on January 9th with my PRMC to take place on the 14th of February. The results of my first fitness test was very poor, missing my running target by a good 20 seconds and my push ups and sit ups being well wide of the mark. We had 5 weeks to get me from poor to having the fitness needed to pass the PRMC, which was no easy task. When it came to the 14th, I passed my PRMC, thanks to the training with Lee.

I was struck by injury after returning from my PRMC, in my left knee. Heavy bruising in and around my knee cap left me almost unable to bare my own weight. Lee then started me on a strength and rehabilitation programme which worked wonders. It focused on my upper body strength and the re-conditioning of my knee using different techniques. My knee eventually got back to working order with added strength, which then enabled him to strength train my legs, again using a variety of techniques I’d never used before.

My level of fitness changed dramatically, slashing my mile and half time by 40 seconds and improving my upper body strength ten fold. Where I could do thirty push ups in two minutes before, I can manage 60-70 easily now, as with sit ups, first time round 38, now easily 75-80 in two minutes. The most significant improvement has been my pull ups, wide grip. My maximum was 4-5 prior to training with Lee, now, I can do 12 from the off and then carry on with sets of 6-8 six times, with a minutes rest in-between.

Lee’s fitness levels are through the roof and I would personally recommend training with him whenever possible, regardless of your aims and goals, however difficult they may seem, he will definitely get you there. He’s an absolutely top bloke!

Currently in Royal Marine Training

I first contacted Lee after seeing a board at the gym that said he could offer help for muscular imbalances and muscular-skeletal problems. This was because I had been suffering with terrible pain in my back for 18 months due to scoliosis (curvature of the spine). We met at the gym for an initial chat about things, which was when I also explained my past history of anorexia, which had caused all over muscle loss from my low weight. Lee said that he had expertise in both eating disorders and muscular-skeletal problems, and so after trying many other things including physiotherapy, chiropractors and acupuncture, I decided that I had nothing to lose and after a proper consultation, we began training.

The first thing that Lee noticed, as well as the curve in my spine, was that I had a very winging scapula, and he was convinced that because the muscles in my back were weak and therefore not pulling my scapula in properly, this was what was causing me the pain. He set up a series of simple exercises that I was to do three times a week, and I felt slightly better even after the first session. The exercises were altered each week so that I could progress, but the change in the pain I was suffering was phenomenal. I cannot remember how long it took, but it was definitely by Christmas 2011 that I was fairly pain-free. There are still certain things that do cause me pain, mainly sitting for too long, but considering that I was in pain all day, every day, to be nearly completely free from pain has massively changed my quality of life. Even though we were coming to an end of my rehab training, I had grown quite close to Lee and did not want our sessions to end, and so we decided to train to tone me up and get me fitter, which would hopefully help with my body image issues as well as my stamina. My fitness levels now are a million times better than they were when I used to train by myself a couple of years ago. Lee pushes me very hard, even today I could barely walk after our session! But he definitely gets results. Due to our work together my weight has gone up to a number that I am uncomfortable with, even though it is only a healthy number, whereas a year ago I was underweight. While I still find this uncomfortable, Lee always understands when I talk to him about how I am feeling, and is ever the most complimentary! Despite my body image problems, I can tell that my body is more toned and that my shape has changed, and somewhere in my head I know that I look better than I did when I was underweight and ill, and I have Lee to thank for that. I cannot imagine how things would be for me now if I had not met Lee. To think that I would still be in pain is just unimaginable. Lee is a wonderful man, an amazing trainer and a very good friend and I will always be eternally grateful to him.

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