Meet the Team

Danny Corban – Royal Marine Trainer

I am a former Royal Marine PTI where being in the marines was my dream career. Since leaving I have worked in various bootcamps in England and abroad, aswell as establishing my own Leeds based PT business

I love what I do with a passion, and pride myself on being a good all round trainer, tailoring my approach to make anyone’s time at Hybrid Bootcamp a great experience…. My speciality is ‘body sculpting’. What ever you want to achieve in fitness, weightloss or body shape, I can help you.

My approach is professional but with a smile, if you can train hard with a smile on your face then that to me is perfection.

Out of the many bootcamps I have worked for Hybrid is by far a cut above in everyway. We are not just a team we are family, and pride ourselves on making your time here the best it can be.

Owen Thomas – Trainer/Injury Therapist

I qualified in Fitness Testing and Sports Therapy in ’95 and have been involved in the industry for over 20 years.

I served for 7 years with the Royal Anglian and Royal Engineer Regiments, where I tested my limits and also gained deep respect for anyone willing to go that extra mile to achieve their goals.

I’ve worked with Northampton Saints Rugby Club and England players, such as Ben Cohen, Steve Thompson, and the Kiwi’s Carlos Spencer and Bruce Reihana. I pride myself on my ability to adapt proven training methods to each client’s specific requirements; obtaining maximum results.

Most recently I have been involved in Mixed Martial Arts, with one of the fighters I’m working with having a world title shot in the Bellator MMA Sports League. Working with top athletes is very rewarding, however working with any individual willing to work towards their goal is both inspiring and motivating.

Richie Gardener – Trainer

I have served for 7 years with the Royal Marines and absolutely love the world of health and fitness. I have also spent over 4 years working in Private and Maritime Security across the world.

After leaving the Royal Marines I qualified as a Personal Trainer so I could continue my love of fitness and work with others to help them achieve their goals.

On a personal level I love to push myself, with one of my biggest challenges being the Mongolian Sunrise to Sunset 100k; which I completed in 16 hours. It is only when you are out your comfort zone do you truly understand what human endeavour can achieve.

I love working with and inspiring others to find their ‘best self’, and at Hybrid Bootcamp we will have a great laugh, but we will work hard and achieve big too!

John Sullivan – Explorer, Survivalist

I am a former Royal Marines Commando of nine years’ experience and I’ve operated in some of the world’s most challenging environments; ranging from the jungle to the desert and even the Arctic.

My passion in life is to explore with a sense of purpose. This passion and my work has taken me to some of the remotest corners of the world in order to research and set up factual programmes for the BBC and the National Geographic Channel.

I have also led numerous life-changing conservation expeditions for young people to Namibia, Belize and Borneo. I am thrilled to join the Hybrid Bootcamp team and share my experience with the clientele.

Kellie Rose Appleby – Beauty

I am a friendly a bubbly therapist who will make you feel at ease and comfortable from the beggining.

Being qualified as a beauty therapist I find I love my work, and thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and making them look and feel fab.

I think what Hybrid BootCamp represents is amazing and I’m glad to be apart of the organisation. Changing peoples lives is incredible.

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