Meet the Boss, Lee Andrew

Lee genuinely enjoys changing peoples lives; through passion, drive, enthusiasm, commitment and pure inspiration.

Lee has over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry. A former member of the Parachute Regiment and Special Forces, Lee enjoyed a successful ten year career with the military. During the short time he has left the army Lee has appeared on Sky One’s TV show A League of Their Own on two occasions, and more recently starred as a main fitness instructor on a BBC show called Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week. Prior to this, he also held the British Tae Kwon Do Champion title in 2002. Upon leaving the military Lee became a Master Trainer, which when combined with his own personal experiences, led him to train some high profile clients in and out of London as well as overseas.

Lee started out personal training in a gym, and as a fitness instructor for a leading outdoor military fitness bootcamp. Lee is continuously researching what works for every different type of person; their lifestyle habits, diet, fitness, ethnic background, genetics and so on.

Lee’s Clients

Lee’s reputation and success brought with it an impressive client base, covering everyone from reality TV stars, Celebs, Fashion Models, Paratroopers and Royal Marine Recruits.

Lee understands and is very experienced at working with a vast array of clients, celebs, fashion models, tv stars to those suffering with body dysmorphia, low self esteem, and some who are just too embarrassed to exercise or even to be seen in sports kit. Then on the flip side, he has worked with people who have all the motivation in the world, but just cannot for the life of them get their body to respond; having tried every diet and training system under the sun. One size does not fit all when it comes to diet and fitness, and Lee can work with every individual to tailor a program to suit them, which will achieve the best results.

 Lee’s favourite saying here is: There is no point in rowing harder, if the boat is going in the wrong direction!”

How Hybrid Bootcamp was founded

The residential aspect of training clients came about when a client of Lee’s spent a week with another residential bootcamp and found the psychological benefits were amazing. Upon return not only was she leaner and highly motivated, her understanding of healthy living, energy levels and enthusiasm were on a whole new level. Lee then decided to investigate further into the possibility of ‘institutionalising’ clients, and how he could then achieve far greater results for his clients if he had complete and utter control over them for a realistic period of time. Lee approached the very same company his client went away with and was immediately offered employment with them; becoming a trainer for them.

Following great results, Lee went to further this and worked freelance for the top 3 bootcamp companies in the country; becoming the lead sole trainer and nutritionist for an overseas company.

With the power to help clients lose a stone in a week, and educate and motivate them to keep this off and always maintain body confidence. It’s a reward in itself to help people. Please note results will vary from person to person. 

But what about the next aspect? Life outside of bootcamp is where he really wants to excel at Hybrid Bootcamp. A week at Hyrbid Bootcamp is only the start of an amazing journey. Lee is a strong believer of two things: lifestyle and motivation. You can be the best trainer or nutritionist in the world, but if you can’t motivate your clients, or make realistic solutions to fit their lifestyle, then forget it. What you do must fit and work for your lifestyle, and you must be motivated to do it.

What Lee discovered on other residential Bootcamps, was that the other trainers were only level 2, which meant they could deliver a good fitness session, yet were not qualified to understand how different exercise systems and nutrition would affect different types of people. This lead to every person on the course undertaking the same session; rather than something tailored to fit the individual. Everyone is different, responds differently and therefore requires bespoke solutions.

A great deal of demand came for Lee as a trainer, yet he was restrained by the directors of these companies so therefore decided to go it alone. Hybrid Bootcamp is Lee’s company, and this company is designed for one purpose: to deliver the greatest possible results, and make sure every single person who comes to Hybrid Bootcamp leaves with a whole new outlook on life; fitter, stronger, more motivated, confident, and ready to take on the world!

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