Welcome to the Hybrid BootCamp Meal Plan Wizard get started now by answering the first question below it will take no longer than 40sec to get your hands on the perfect meal plan for you and your lifestyle.

These meal plans are designed to help you with your weight loss and weight management goals, to simplify the whole ‘eating’ process or minefield as it can be.

They contain weekly shopping lists, allowing for a quick and pain free supermarket experience. Along with 28 variations of day to day meal plans, macro nutrient data, and cooking methods. These plans can be used in any order, and re used continuously should your answers to our meal plan selection questions remain the same.

Take the ordeal out of knowing what to eat, buy and snack on with one of our Hybrid BootCamp Meal Plans.

Lee Andrew knows the importance of the food that we eat, and the impact it can have on the way we look, feel and perform. We must also realise that we are all different so the way we eat, when we eat and what we eat can influence the results. This meal plan wizard is an invaluable tool to help you with you body confidence goals. As experienced by Miss Jamaica and Miss London Universe, Cherelle Patterson, Miss Denmark, Natalya Averina, and of course the Boss himself.

Industry Leading Professionals

Our Team have worked with Sky Tv, BBC and ITV. With a proven track record of creativity, delivering fast results and inspiring others. We are a team of realists; no gimmicks, no fads, what we do works! We love helping people achieve their goals and helping them to sustain and healthy life.

Proven Results

With a client list ranging from every day real people, military recruits, fashion models, celebs and reality TV stars. Hybrid Bootcamp have been delivering exceptional fast results for over 15 years. Just read our testimonials!

What You Get.

You will receive a one time downloadable link, so please copy to a hard drive or other suitable device.

  • 28 variations of re useable day to day plans
  • A simple to follow weekly shopping list
  • Micro Nutrient break down per meal
  • Step by step cooking instructions
  • A proven weight loss system for you.
  • Designed to suit your body composition
  • Created by a celeb PT and owner of Hybrid.
  • Can be printed, or viewed on a smart device


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If you’re unsure as to any of the above, please contact us to discuss which meal plan will suit you best








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