Hybrid Itinerary

A brief description of what you will do on a daily basis at Hybrid

You may be nervous about what to expect from a Hybrid Bootcamp; don’t be. We are not going to scream and shout at you, and there are no alpha males or females at our bootcamp. We are simply here to do the best for each and every one of our clients; achieving amazing weight loss results. You will soon lose any nerves you have; feeling more confident and healthier everyday.

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Hybrid Schedule

Indoor Workout | Outdoor Workout

06:30 – Let’s GO! Mornings are beautiful and we make the most of them; motivating you with our infamous wake up music!

07:00 – Morning cardio of love – your glycogen stores will be depleted, encouraging your body to burn fat!

08:00 – Breakfast! You wouldn’t expect your car to run you around with no fuel, and your body is the same. No one starves at Hybrid.

09:00 – Circuit/Boxing Cardio Training – if you’ve never tried boxing before, you will love this! Great to get the heart going and a good stress reliever too!

10:30 – Snack time – to keep your energy up we grab a quick refuel and back to it.

11:00 – Assault Course/Gun Run/Cards of Destiny – we don’t just lose weight at Hybrid, we build confidence too and don’t be afraid… you will love this bit!

12:30 – Lunch – you’ll experience the most delicious and nutritious food, making you wonder why people say “eating healthy is boring”.

13:30 – Hiking or Low Intensity Activity – being based in a beautiful rural setting, we have a wealth of lovely walks right on our doorstep.

15:00 – Snack time

18:00 – Evening Meal – more incredible food helping to achieve your weight loss or fitness goals; and you’ll be ready for it!

19:00 – Nutrition seminar/Cooking lesson  – we’ll teach you all about nutrition and how to prepare and cook healthy meals; so when you do leave us, you can continue to live healthily.

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