Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's included in the price?

    All food and accommodation, Wi-Fi, nutrition seminars, cooking lessons, all aspects of exercise, motivation and laughs.

  • I have never exercised before, or not for a long time, does it matter?

    We will teach you everything you need to know; if it’s too easy we will quickly progress you, if it’s too hard we will show you alternatives and regressions. The key thing is to get the intensity right for the individual. We will never name, shame, belittle or make anyone look a fool, everyone is equal and our bootcamps are all about changing people’s lives.

  • Does it matter how fit or unfit I am?

    No… we will create bespoke training and methods to cater for all fitness abilities; from the very beginners, to the extremely fit. We aren’t looking for the fittest, strongest or fastest within any group. There are no Alpha females or males, just a team with individuals working to the best of their own ability and having damn good fun doing it.

  • What results can I expect?

    Our director is a fitness and weight loss expert with years of experience, and as a result worked with various high profile clients. All clients are different and require tailored solutions, none the less the results are lifechanging. The best way to see this is visit our facebook page and read our reviews. Expect to receive far beyond your expectations, and feel incredible after a week at Hybrid Bootcamp.

  • What room types are there?

    Quirky VIP suites, double rooms, twin rooms, and single sharing accommodation all with ensuite. We have a separate cottage to respect privacy amongst mixed groups. Our venue is designed to be incredibly homely and lively. Being designed around Feng Shui the energy levels throughout our venue will reflect, inspire and drive you throughout the week.

  • What facilities are there?

    Fibre optic broadband (Wi-Fi), pool table, outdoor hot tub, relaxation gardens, fishing lake, quiet reading areas, assault course, integrated AV system, wood burner fire, mood lighting, beautiful rooms, exclusive beauty treatments, massage and recovery sports massage treatments (additional cost if required) and games.

  • I have a food allergy is this ok?

    Regardless of your allergy we can achieve the same results as our nutrition is tailored to your individual goals. Please just make us aware on the health questionnaire, or let our experienced chef know on the day.

  • Will I be screamed and shouted at by the trainers?

    Absolutely not, we are here to help and achieve results. We will always encourage and give a gentle nudge as we genuinely care about changing peoples lives.

  • What will I learn?

    Essentially everything you need to know in order to lead a healthy, active, positive and motivated way of life; regardless of lifestyle. Two things our director prides himself on is making it perfectly clear the reality of any one person’s situation. Offering realistic solutions that suit that person’s lifestyle, and how to maintain motivation throughout.

    We will also give nutritional seminars with two outlooks: Health and Weight-loss. We will educate you on how to eat, that again, best suits your lifestyle. Our director found nutrition a haven for misleading marketing, but also discovered how genetics and hormones play a huge part. Experimenting and learning all the time to create a realistic, and sustainable method, for all people from all backgrounds and body types. Our director wishes that what he knows now, he learnt at school. All this knowledge and experience is passed on at each and every bootcamp.

    Importantly, understanding the Glyceamic Index, and how to relate this to food labelling so you can ‘eat on the go’ without piling on the pounds.

    You will learn all types of exercise and understand how they effect the many energy systems within the body, what fuel your body uses and when. The benefits of group training, and the different styles available to you at home. Individual training and strategies for staying motivated and challenged.

  • Are there any guarantees?

    We would love to be able to offer a guarantee, but unfortunately we live in a compensation world these days. For those who arrive with the right frame of mind we offer you this guarantee: you will thoroughly enjoy this bootcamp, you will receive nothing but the best attention in order to achieve your results, learn some breathtaking facts, create new best friends, find new muscles, suffer aches and pains, laugh hard with those around you, gain confidence, experience camaraderie and overwhelming drive and passion. Your life will be changed.

  • What are the arrival and checkout times?

    We ask clients to arrive between 15:00 and 18:00 on day one, and you will be free to leave from around 09:00 on the last day.

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