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If you’re looking for a dynamic and knowledgable speaker, who draws on his personal experiences and enormous enthusiasm, insight, and energy, gained over 15+ years in the Health & Fitness industry; look no further.

Lee Andrew is available for speaking engagements for corporations, associations, public seminars, special events, and industry-specific trainings.

Who can benefit:

•A business that wants more productive employees who get sick less often

•A school looking to enrich your curriculum with an engaging presentation on healthy foods and establishing healthy habits

•A doctor wishing to stage an event or cooking demo on healthy foods and healthy habits, or eating for a specific condition


A healthy workforce is good for business!

More and more UK companies are now implementing a corporate fitness and staff wellness strategy. Companies are seeing some stunning results but investing in their human capital and being pro-active wellness promotion and employee engagements.

A well thought out corporate staff wellness strategy to promote a workplace health can:

• Reduce sickness absentee levels

• Reduce employee turnover and the number of early retirements on health grounds

• Promote a positive, health based corporate culture and image of your company in the market place

• Increase the company’s efficiency and productivity

• Improve your employees’ morale and employer/employee relations

• Help attract and retain higher calibre employees


Healthy Habits are best taught early on! Nutrition can help (and hinder) a child’s ability to learn; with the right fuel for our bodies and brains, we give ourselves the best opportunity to succeed.

A poor diet has significant effects on children’s behaviour, mood and concentration. Children with diets lacking in essential vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids don’t tend to perform as well academically, cannot concentrate and can be more aggressive.

A study by the Institute for Social and Economic Research showed that healthy meals significantly improved educational outcomes, in particular in English and Science, and led to a 15% reduction in absenteeism due to sickness.

If you’re looking to enrich your curriculum with an engaging presentation on healthy foods and establishing healthy habits, Lee Andrew can provide the education your pupils need.

The need to influence the eating habits of our children is well documented but here are a few reminders:

• The UK now has the highest rate of obesity in Europe. 1 in 3 children are overweight or obese by Year 6.

• Obesity in children under 11 has risen by over 40% in ten year. If this trend continues, half of children will be obese or overweight by 2020.

• London has the highest obesity levels for children in Reception and Year 6 compared to other parts of the country.

• Junk food diets are causing other health problems too. Type 2 diabetes (once known as “late onset” and traditionally found in the over 40s) is increasingly found in adolescents.


Lee has over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry. A former member of the Parachute Regiment and Special Forces, Lee enjoyed a successful ten year career with the military.

Lee has appeared on Sky One’s TV show A League of Their Own on two occasions, and more recently star as a main fitness instructor on a BBC show Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week. Lee’s reputation and success brought with it an impressive client base, covering everyone from reality TV stars, Celebs, Fashion Models, Paratroopers and Royal Marine Recruits.

Prior to this, Lee also held the British Tae Kwon Do Champion title in 2002. Upon leaving the military Lee became a level 4 Master Trainer (the highest personal training qualification attainable), which when combined with his own personal experiences, led him to train some high profile clients in and out of London, as well as overseas.

Lee started out personal training in a gym, and as a fitness instructor for a leading outdoor military fitness bootcamp. Lee is the founder and owner of Hybrid Bootcamp; the UK’s best residential bootcamp for weight loss.

He is continuously researching what works for every different type of person; their lifestyle habits, diet, fitness, ethnic background and genetics.

Lee genuinely enjoys changing peoples lives; through passion, drive, enthusiasm, commitment and pure inspiration.
Lee Andrew is available for Half-day (from £250) and Full-day (from £395) bookings. Please provide brief details below and we will contact you.

*Travel expenses may occur depending on location.

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