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Our Before & After pictures! Real Results Real People. These results come from years of fine tuning the art of Residential BootCamps.
Please note results will vary from person to person.

Miss Jamaica/Miss London Universe – Cherelle Rose Patterson

Fantastic week at hybrid, amazing eye opener to nutrition. I was more than delighted with my results and definitely will be back in the summer. Anyone wanting a kick-start into health and fitness needs to invest into this bootcamp, I cannot recommend it more and will be bringing friends and family next time! Thank you so much for giving me the encouragement to reach my fitness goals that seemed impossible before I got there.

Miss World Denmark – Natalya Averina

Miss World Denmark came to Hybrid Bootcamp to strip away body fat for a photoshoot. Watch her video testimonial to find out how she got on!

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Darren Cloreley

There are too many words to describe the week my wife and I had at Hybrid Bootcamp. Firstly, I have to admit my wife wanted to do this more than me as part of a 40th birthday present. But GENTS please dont be put off, this is an incredible experience for all. We both made the decision we needed to push our general fitness from just the weekend jogs and limited weight sessions. So after research and recommendations Hybrid came out on top; and boy did they prove they were on top.

Binky Felstead

Binky Felstead from the hit reality show Made in Chelsea, approached the boss of Hybrid Bootcamp with a task of getting her photo ready for a shoot with OK Magazine. Lee had limited time so he took her under his wing similar to an environment of a BootCamp he now runs. Controlling her nutrition and training, in a very short time he transformed her as shown in the pictures. Binky also mentioned Lee in her Autobiography as her TV career improves.

Danny Kearns

One of the best experiences of my life, highly informative with two of the best personal trainers I’ve ever had the chance to work with, whom both found the balance of being tough to offering encouragement and pushing us through each session.

The food was stunning, in fact better than you would receive in a 5 star restaurant, but more importantly this was balanced to the workloads of each day.

Charlotte Hudson

I signed up for Hybrid Bootcamp on several recommendations from friends, I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed. I’m getting married in July and needed to lose fat fast. 

After 5 months of trying everything myself and failing, I decided to go for it. At hybrid they focus on team building and this really helped me get through some tough points. They educated you on food, so you are armed with knowledge to make the right choices when you leave.

Also it has taught me that the number on the scales isn’t everything. I didn’t lose as much weight as I had hoped, but my body shape completely changed and I dropped almost two dress sizes, and lost 17.5cm of fat in one week.

Charlotte L

Having never been to a boot camp before, I had no idea what I was in for; what an amazing and positive experience!!

I would recommend hybrid boot camp to anybody who wants to get fit and healthy!! Thank you again for a really tough but refreshing week.

Lizz Burgess

I came to Bootcamp thinking I wouldn’t last past the 2nd day… but I was wrong. I completed it with good results and I am so proud of myself!!! The trainers are excellent, tough but fair and they make sure you get the results at the end.

Everyone is so welcoming, the location is stunning and I was fantasising about the food that Steve cooked all week!

The Hybrid team really care and push you to your limits so you leave a stronger and fitter person.

I can’t thank Lee, Owen, Richie, Steve and Ve enough for my great week at bootcamp.

Karen Shakespeare

My week at Hybrid Bootcamp was life-changing. I lost 11lbs and 19cm of body fat, but what I gained was self confidence and a new outlook on life. The trainers were brilliant at bringing out the best in me and I can’t thank them enough for the impact they’ve had on my life. The house and grounds were beautiful, the food was delicious and Lee’s nutrition talks were spot on. I will definitely be returning for another week!

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Sophie Worley

Came back from week long bootcamp yesterday and what an amazing experience. I lost half a stone and am really pleased. The trainers were so friendly and encouraging and the activities were varied but bluddy tough! I recommend to anyone who is looking for a health/fitness kickstart. Thankyou:) x

Watch Sophie’s Testimonial

how to lose 10 pounds in one week

Angela Haynes

I’ve just completed a week at Hybrid Bootcamp. The hardest, the most challenging, the most exhausting but definitely the most rewarding week I have ever spent in my life!

I came to Bootcamp after a stressful period with the sole aim of kick starting my life and achieving who and what I wanted to be, it was if you like “my invitation for transformation” and I wanted to embrace it.

On arrival you can’t help but smile as you are greeted with the most gorgeous accommodation and grounds, which turns out to be the most perfect setting for relaxing in the evening after a long day of exercise, either curled up in the lounge, playing pool or enjoying the massaging jets of the hot tub (my personal favourite).

David Bush

I’ve just got back from a week at Hybrid Bootcamp. The staff were amazing. The location was stunning. Right now for the details everyone want the reason for going I got to bootcamp weighing 16st 13lb I left a day early but done all the workouts weighed in on Friday at 15st13lbs. I drove back to wales and weighed myself to compare my scales to the bootcamps then I weighed in the morning before breakfast to find I had lost a further 6lbs so my total loss over a week was 20lbs outstanding result. So don’t delay if you want to change your life or kick start your fitness get in touch with Hybrid Bootcamp today don’t put it off.

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Robert Todd

Back two weeks from a brilliant week at Hybrid Bootcamp. I lost over a stone and since back my eating, drinking and exercise habits have been permanently changed. Its like I’ve been rewired. I will get weighed next week and I am sure I will have dropped some more weight., though more importantly another trouser size!

Thanks to all the staff – Owen, Stevie, Rich, Steve and Ve, also Pepper Hound!

Great team on the week too, I wouldn’t have got through without your support – Hannah, Jo, Charlotte, Nicola, Diana, Karin. Keep up the good work team. When I’m in the gym and close to stopping, I think of us together giving it every last drop of effort – and I just keep going!

Sarah Turner

Having just returned from a week at Hybrid what can I say…

It was without doubt a fantastic week. From the warm welcome from Ve on arrival to the superb accommodation, everything is impeccably organised to make the stay both productive and relaxing. Don’t get me wrong, this is no walk in the park but as long as you embrace the week wholeheartedly you will see the results you desire. The sessions are challenging and all the trainers work hard to assess individuals abilities and increase the complexity or quantity of exercises to push you out of your comfort zone.

Jennifer Danter

This place is absolutely amazing had my friend drag me here because she needed to restart her yo-yo dieting lifestyle …. And we both came out with a completely different outlook on eating and weight lost…. We lost weight and inches to!!!!! Would highly recommend this place to anyone the team at Hybrid are the greatest thanks Lee, Owen, Steve the chef and of course your mum xxxx

anyone thinking of going to boot camp don’t think twice about it this is the one without a doubt xxxxx

Zena O’Connor

In one week I have lost 10lbs weight loss (my goal was 9lbs and I was being optimistic), 15.5 cm loss in total around my body and 10mm body fat. Along the way I met the most amazing people who all pulled together when things got tough, we all bonded so quickly.

The trainers were all amazing, Richie has an energy that was more that the entire team combined, Owen was the hard task master that took no nonsense and Jenny had to deal with a bunch of moaning myrtles who were very tired, hungry and grumpy – but she did with a smile on her face throughout

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