3 Reasons You’re Not Even Losing A Pound…

Losing weight is no easy task, despite what all these miracle pills and juice diets will have you think (well not if you actually care about your health anyway). It’s even harder if you don’t know what you are doing wrong in your failed attempts to get that stubborn fat off!

Is there anything more frustrating than when you are trying your hardest to lose weight, but nothing seems to be happening?

If you’ve been going full force at your weight-loss goal since the beginning of the new year, but not seeing results; here are a few things you could be doing wrong…

We managed to grab a quick chat with The Boss (and well-known celebrity trainer), Lee Andrew, to pick his brains about what to do when you just can’t seem to lose weight; and here’s what he said…


Hours on the treadmill or spin bike might make you feel like you’re really smashing it, but firstly, do you have hours to spare, and secondly, tootling along at a comfy pace doesn’t do your body any favors when you’re trying to lose weight.

Instead, try some intervals, or circuit training (we love Tabata training, which we use at Bootcamp and we get insane results!!) with periods of intense training (high reps or maximum effort) with short periods of rest in between; this will increase fat-burning potential. If you’re super attached to the spin bike, that’s fine, just go all out for 40 seconds, then slow right down for 20 to recover, and then go again.

A 30 minute intense workout is just as good as an hour of a slow one; burning up more calories, breaking the boredom and monotony and firing that metabolism up.

comfort zone


This is something I see a lot… whether it be at a gym or talking to Bootcamper goers… There is an assumption, maybe because people see Footballers or Rugby players on the TV sipping sports drinks during matches, that they also need to consume a (seemingly) healthy and electrolyte-filled sports drink.

Some of these sports drinks can pack up to 34g of sugar a time! Firstly, I’m sure you workout hard (if you take note of the above point) but are you working Dylan Hartley hard, or Jamie Vardy hard? Probably not.

Do you need the elixir’s in the drink to sustain your workout? If not, it’ll just add empty calories, which is counterproductive to creating the calorie deficit you need for weight loss. If your workout is lasting longer than an hour and is intense, sure, use sports drinks in moderation (and pay attention to the nutritional labels). When your workout is under 60 minutes, stick to the good clear stuff; H2O.

You can also take this point and apply it away from a workout scenario. There’s a lot of chat right now in the media about the level of sugar found in high-street coffee chain drinks… If you are a latte-a-day guy or girl (or two or three!!) and wondering why the pounds aren’t shifting, take a look at the calories you’re drinking!!!



You’ve been really good all week…eaten well, got your greens in, worked out, got a good amount of sleep and stayed hydrated. Then the weekend is here, and everything is abandoned. I know, I know…you’ve been so good all week you want to reward yourself right? So you go out and treat yourself. For some it’s ice-cream, for others a night out with mates, which leads to a pizza, and maybe some more junk…then the following morning you’re worse for wear and decide a big feed will help, or more sugar. By this time, all the good work you did leading up to the weekend has been eradicated. You built a little castle, to smash it down.

Now if this is what you wanna do, ok, no one is stopping you. But whinging about not getting results when all you do is make excuses and sabotage yourself is not going to get you anywhere. You need to be frank with yourself.

Go out but consider what you’re doing/eating/drinking. Then get back on the wagon right away. Everything in moderation. Oh, and how about rewarding yourself in other ways… buy a book, or some music. Get yourself some hot gym or running gear coz you’re starting to look good in leggings aren’t you! Think about it…



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